Almost everyone has at least one social media account. Thus, it’s a big no-no not use social media to promote your podcast. What can you do to make sure that social media is a big part of your podcast promotion? Here are some pointers:

  1. Promote your new episodes, and use hashtags.

Share the link of your latest podcast episode on social media to promote your podcast. When sharing your link, it’s best to post a link to your podcast website, instead of sharing a link to iTunes or where the audio file is hosted. This is because we would want your audience to explore your website, check out your “About” page, and get a feel of who you are. And besides, your website should have links on how your audience can subscribe to your podcast on iTunes anyway. Having said all these, make sure that your podcast website has all the essential ingredients it needs to keep the audience’s interest.

Summarize within the post everything you talked about in your podcast. It’s good to always remind your audience that the next time they log into iTunes, they can prioritize downloading your podcast. At the same time, when you promote new episodes, don’t forget to use hashtags. For example, if you’re talking about Game of Thrones on your podcast, use the show’s name as a hashtag.

  1. Engage your audience in a discussion.

Some audiences find it annoying when you bombard them with social media posts solely promoting your podcast. This is why we highly recommend that you also use your social media in other ways.

An often underutilized way to use hashtags is by using them to look for people to interact with. Using the same Game of Thrones example, search for #GameOfThrones to see what people are saying and have a conversation with them. Every now and then, you can mention your podcast on your reply. Who knows, maybe these strangers you interact with might be interested in checking out your podcast!

Another way to create a discussion in your social media is by using it as a platform where your audience can communicate with one another. For instance, if you received some feedback relating to a particular topic or issue mentioned in your podcast, post a question about it on your social media accounts for discussion.

  1. Post links on topics discussed in the show.

Inevitably, you will be discussing many subtopics in the show. Use social media to promote your podcast by posting important links of topics you mentioned during the show and by giving your audience a recap of why they are interesting and why you mentioned them in the show. You shouldn’t be afraid to post links from outside your website. Don’t think of them as competition, but a way to keep your audience interested.

  1. Update your social media with current events related to your podcast topics.

You will want your social media to be the go-to place of your audience for topics covered by your podcast. Still using the Game of Thrones example above, use your social media accounts to post the latest teasers of the upcoming Game of Thrones season.

Other tips:

  • You can efficiently schedule social media postings for the prime days and times by using a service like Hootsuite and Buffer.
  • Use as many @mentions as you can. People have a tendency to retweet your posts when you mention them.

One last thing…

Beyond using social media to promote your podcast, do not forget that the most important strategy still is to make your podcast show as good as you can. At the end of the day, the best way to encourage people to listen to your podcast is to offer high-quality content. Remember: content is king!