One of the most effective ways to promote your podcast, or actually, any product or service you’re offering, is to pitch yourself as a podcast guest. As a result of making guest appearances on other people’s podcasts, preferably in the same niche as yours, you can more easily reach out to a wider audience. Here are some tips on how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest:

1. Come up with a list of shows to pitch to.

First of all, start your search with the ever-reliable Google. For example, search for “podcasts about (area of interest)”. Since popular shows most likely already have a long list of podcast guests, focus on the new and niche podcasts. The point is to look for podcasts with listeners who are your target market as well.

2. Research the shows in detail.

Make a spreadsheet listing the podcast name, the host’s name, topics covered, number of subscribers, website (if any), email address, and their Twitter handle. Furthermore, you can use Facebook and LinkedIn to see whether you have mutual friends. You would want to have an idea about the wide range of topics that the podcast covers. Hence, it is important for you to listen to one or two of the podcast’s most popular episodes.

3. Make your pitch.

Finally, it’s time to make your main pitch, which would have several parts:

  • The Subject Line

Make your request clear on your subject line. Have a subject line that’s creative and intriguing enough for your email to stand out in the podcast host’s inbox.

  • The Introduction

Have a few sentences quickly introducing yourself and giving the podcast host an idea of your background.

  • List of Topics

Give the podcast host a list of topics to choose from. Take your time in coming up with those topics. The rejected topics won’t go to waste as you can submit them to other podcasts or write blogs about them.

  • Your Media Mentions or Podcast Appearances

Because of media mentions and podcast appearances, you can have better credibility as an expert in your field in the eyes of the podcast host. In the case of podcast appearances, it shows your familiarity with the podcast recording process. Also include a link to your website and your social media profiles. If you don’t have previous media mentions or podcast appearances, you can also mention any recognition you’ve gotten, awards won or books published. It’s always good to share as much credentials as possible.

  • Your Audience Statistics

What benefit will the podcast hosts get if they invite you as a guest on their podcast? If you have an established audience  reach on social media or podcast following, use that as a selling point to pitch yourself as a podcast guest. Commit to sending an email to your email list and to your subscribers any promotional material about the podcast. Give them the number of email subscribers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers you have. This is especially relevant to show that if they agree to have you as a podcast guest, then you can promote their show or website to your audience. If you have yet to establish a significant following, you need a convincing pitch on what value can you provide the podcast host’s audience.

  • Your Contact Information.

Give the podcast host your website, phone number and your Skype ID.

From here on out, it’s all a waiting game. Remember that just like any other marketing strategy, the more podcast hosts you send your pitch to, the more likely it is that someone will say yes. So pitch yourself as a podcast guest to as many podcast hosts as you can using these helpful tips!