Podcast sponsorship is one of the best ways to make money podcasting. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your podcast equipment and would need sponsorship to fund it. Maybe you’re a small podcast looking to find sponsorships to expand the business. Question is: where and how to get podcast sponsors? Here are some tips which might help you:

1. Reach out to companies that sponsor podcasts in the same niche as yours.

You shouldn’t want to find just anyone as a sponsor. The sponsors you would want to have are those relevant to your podcast’s subject matter—sponsors who will actually get some benefit out of your podcast to ensure that your parternship will actually be long-term.

Listen to other podcasts in your niche and check out who their sponsors are. Reach out to the marketing team of those companies to see if they would want to sponsor your show. It would be easier to reach out to companies that are already spending some money on other podcasts. That way, at least you could tell that they know what a podcast is and how it works. On another plus side, your audience would appreciate it when ads are relevant.

2. Get local small businesses as sponsors.

Especially when you’re just starting, one of the best tips on how to get podcast sponsors is to approach people around your area/community. If you know small local business owners around your area, approach them and ask if they are interested to try out a new method of sponsorship.

Using the CPM or Cost per Mile (1,000 downloads) model, the industry standard is at $18 per 1,000 downloads for a 15-second pre-roll. For a 60-second mid-roll slot, the standard is at $25 per 1,000 downloads. This means that podcast sponsorship is easily accessible and affordable enough for small businesses. You can even offer lower prices if they can commit to a longer period of time.

3. Attend podcast conferences and trade shows.

Attending podcast conferences such as the Podcast Movement would allow you to meet a lot of new contacts, and expose you to quite a number of sponsorship opportunities. As you would expect, if a brand decides to set up a booth in these podcasting conferences and trade shows, that means that they’re specifically reach outing to podcasters and podcast lovers. Chances are, they can potentially be interested to spend money on your podcast as well.

Now that you know where and how to get podcast sponsors…. What is the next step?

Once you’ve gathered all the contact details of your potential sponsors, the next step would be to write to those companies. Include details about your podcast, with a particular focus on why your listeners would want to hear about their companies, and what these companies can get out of sponsoring you.

Alternative to looking for sponsors:

TIP: Ask donations from your supporters.

Using websites like Patreon, your supporters can fund your podcast episodes. However, Patreon works well when you already have sufficient following who you can ask you to get on board. It works pretty much like Kickstarter where you can offer rewards to give them incentives on what they can get as listeners if they contribute.