If for example, you opt to choose an interview-style podcast as your podcast show format, how do you reach out to potential guests? Here are some tips when booking guests for your podcast.

1. Intrigue your potential guest.

Make the most out of your email’s subject line. You can do this by striking a balance between having an intriguing subject line, but at the same time not being too direct about your pitch. The idea is for your potential podcast guest to want to open your email, which is a crucial first step.

While you want to be intriguing, your email should also have the basics such as your intended topic of your discussion, your target audience and the suggested date/s and time/s for the interview.

2. Keep it short.

Can your potential guest finish reading your email in 30 seconds? If not, shorten it. Nobody likes wasting time reading walls of text.

Say everything you need to say in two paragraphs. You can use bullet points for more emphasis on the key points.

3. Tell them why they need to be on your podcast.

As previously mentioned, nobody likes wasting time. When booking guests for your podcast, tell your potential guest what’s in it for him/her. Why is he an ideal podcast guest? How can he/she benefit from being guests on your podcast? If your potential guest has a book, a podcast or a service that he/she just launched, how can you help him/her promote that in exchange for time spent guesting on your podcast? How is your target audience also a perfect target audience for your potential guest’s product?

On your email, you can opt to write audience statistics, i.e. how many subscribers your podcast, your social media and your email list have. This is usually for high-profile guests who want to look at the audience statistics first before getting interviewed.

If your podcast already has an established audience, make sure that your email signature has links to your podcast website for when your potential guest wants to check who else was on your show.

4. Have An Easy Call to Action 

Make it easy for your potential guest to say yes. Give your potential guest specific steps to take if he/she agrees to being a guest on your podcast. Maybe you can say, “If you decide to agree being a podcast guest on my show, you can simply reply to this email with a ‘Yes’”. Just one word.

5. Follow up.

You have to be creative with this one. You wouldn’t want to send your potential guest a thousand emails in one week. You would even shoo them away if you do that.

If you emailed your podcast guest the first time you invite him/her, maybe you can try sending a letter to their office to follow up?

Final Word

It takes a lot of persistence when booking guests for your podcast. There is no other way but to try, and consistently keep on trying to have people say yes in the end.