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Hi there, I'm the Founder and CEO of buttercast. This is my most recent joint venture that unites my passio for audio and podcasting with web startups.

A Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Sponsorships

By | November 24th, 2016|Categories: Business, Marketing|

Even if you’re just podcasting as a hobby, doing it for free can only take you so far. At one point, you would need financial assistance from someone to make your podcasting sustainable. Sponsorships are one of the most common ways to monetize your podcast. In this article, we answer the frequently asked questions about podcast sponsorships. What [...]

How to Brand Your Podcast

By | November 3rd, 2016|Categories: Design, Marketing|Tags: , |

As in any other product or business, a podcast needs a brand to reach its target audience and be marketable. By having a podcast, you and/or your company can position yourself as a thought leader in the niche of your choice. Here are the different ways on how to brand your podcast: 1. Choose your podcast [...]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Creating Podcast Content

By | October 31st, 2016|Categories: Creative|

In the world of podcasting, it can easily take only one episode to make your listeners to never again listen to your podcast. The key to creating a successful podcast content is to know what your audience wants. Here are a couple of techniques you’d have to remember to help you in creating podcast content: 1. Respect [...]

Promote Your Podcast With These Simple Tricks

By | October 19th, 2016|Categories: How-tos, Marketing|

Once you've launched your podcast, your next focus would be to to promote your podcast and do all your best to get as many listeners as possible. The task seems daunting at first but here are five ways you can easily do that: Submit your podcast to iTunes… If you’re not submitting your podcast to iTunes, [...]

Launch a Successful Podcast With These Tips!

By | October 18th, 2016|Categories: How-tos|

So you're covered all the basics and have made your own podcast. Now, what? Podcasting requires a lot of hard work building an audience over a long period of time. But is it possible for your podcast to hit #1 on its first day? It’s hard, for sure, but not impossible! Here are the top tips [...]

Podcasting Equipment Guide for Beginners

By | October 9th, 2016|Categories: Basics|

You might be surprised to know that anybody can make a podcast. With a little bit of affordable equipment, you can easily get started podcasting. First things first: it’s very normal for podcasters to start with nothing else other than a headset microphone and a laptop. BUT if you want your podcasts to sound more professional, [...]

Start Podcasting Now! Here’s Why…

By | October 6th, 2016|Categories: Business|

Have you always wanted to start podcasting but just wasn't sure if it's worth your time and effort? Whether as a primary or secondary platform, podcasting can offer you and your business a tremendous number of benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should start podcasting now as a way to expand your business: 1.You can [...]

High-Quality Podcasts Made Right At Home — Here’s How To Do It!

By | September 29th, 2016|Categories: Basics|

MYTH: You need to buy new and expensive products just to have great-sounding high-quality podcasts. FACT: There are a lot of ways to help you get the best possible sound for your podcasts. With a little extra effort to get the details, you can easily sound like a pro even within the comforts of your own home. Here [...]

Podcasting Basics: How to Make Your Own Podcast

By | September 26th, 2016|Categories: Basics|Tags: , , |

Setting up a podcast sounds so intimidating and scary. Many people don’t even try podcasting just because they are clueless about the podcasting basics. If you’re one of those people who have always wanted to start podcasting but have no idea how to take that first step, below is a step-by-step guide on podcasting basics that [...]