Get More Podcast Subscribers in 6 Easy Steps

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The key to getting more podcast subscribers is to increase engagement with your audience. An engaged audience will keep on coming back to your show, increase traffic to your site, and eventually open up doors to monetizing your podcast. Here are some other strategies to increase [...]

Podcast Editing Tips for Professional Sounding Audio

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First thing's first, you are not required to edit your podcast all the time. However, as professional podcasters, it’s good to give your listeners the high-quality podcasts they deserve. Indeed, podcast editing can take a big chunk of your time. However, there are top time-saving editing tips you [...]

The Insider’s Guide on How to Get Podcast Sponsors

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Podcast sponsorship is one of the best ways to make money podcasting. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your podcast equipment and would need sponsorship to fund it. Maybe you’re a small podcast looking to find sponsorships to expand the business. Question is: where and how to [...]

Should You Publish Your Podcasts on YouTube? Yes, You Should…

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There’s much debate on whether you should even bother publishing your podcasts on YouTube. Some say, it’s a waste of time. It doesn’t get that much traction anyway. But why is having your podcasts on YouTube important? Simply because of the hosting, SEO and search benefits that [...]

A Guide to Using Social Media to Promote Your Podcast

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Almost everyone has at least one social media account. Thus, it's a big no-no not use social media to promote your podcast. What can you do to make sure that social media is a big part of your podcast promotion? Here are some pointers: Promote your [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Legal Music in Your Podcast

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Today, let's talk about using legal music in your podcast. The legal stuff might sound boring, but knowing about this aspect of podcasting is important to keep you out of any legal trouble. Let me start by saying that the following discussion only covers U.S. laws. [...]

Essential Ingredients Every Podcast Website Needs

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The first question is, does your podcast NEED a website? The short answer is no. Of course your podcast can survive without a website, but why limit the reach of your podcast by not having a website? A podcast website makes your episodes more searchable via [...]

Podcasters Need to Care About Transcripts

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Podcast transcripts are text versions of your audio or video podcasts. There is a notion that podcasters should only be focused on audio content. Why should podcasters care about text in the form of podcast transcripts and podcast show notes? A one-hour podcast can take 3-5 hours of typing to be [...]

Want to Pitch Yourself as a Podcast Guest? Here’s How to Do It

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One of the most effective ways to promote your podcast, or actually, any product or service you’re offering, is to pitch yourself as a podcast guest. As a result of making guest appearances on other people's podcasts, preferably in the same niche as yours, you can [...]

Tips You Need to Learn When Booking Guests For Your Podcast

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If for example, you opt to choose an interview-style podcast as your podcast show format, how do you reach out to potential guests? Here are some tips when booking guests for your podcast. 1. Intrigue your potential guest. Make the most out of your email’s subject line. [...]

Top Podcasting Pet Peeves (And How to Avoid Them)

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When we listen to a podcast, there are certain things that just get under our skin and bother us. In this article, we share the most common podcasting pet peeves and how to fix these mistakes. Long intros and intro songs This one absolutely tops the [...]

Learn How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Podcast the Right Way

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Let’s not start with the wrong premise that you cannot have a podcast without your own domain name. Of course you can! However, let’s remember that having your own domain name for your website is one of the most effective ways to brand your podcast. What is a few [...]